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BAFTA Award winning composer

finalist of ISC Awards  for 'Best Music Videos' 


The winner of BAFTA 2013 'New Talent Award' for 'Best Original Music' and Martyn Bennet Prize 'Best Composition / Runner-Up' 


I seem to have spent my whole life wondering through the realm of music. It has kept me transfixed  and intrigued since early childhood. As a composer/producer I write and record music to virtually any brief. One day I'll be working on a full orchestral atmospheric soundscape, and the next I'm barking an improvised vocal line through a microphone, into a vintage amplifier to simulate a 1940's-style New Orleans trumpet solo.


The work of a Renaissance master with his paintbrushes replaced by a guitar...A sound, which could have been created by talented teenagers in their parents’ basement away
from prying ears just so not to steal their authentically awesome sound. ****”

- Maverick Magazine

" of Scotland’s most gifted singer-songwriters as well as being an extra ordinary composer and player with complete command of his craft.. we have never failed to be impressed by the understated brilliance of everything he does. He delivers music that is both intelligent and accessible with unmistakable warmth and wit that places him up there with the greats."

- Acoustic Edinburgh

Brilliant, brilliant songs. Twelve of them. All intricately crafted, played with joy, and sung with warmth… ‘The Man I Love’ – one of the best songs in the history of ever."

- Unpeeled, UK



FIlm & TV

Solo Work / Music Videos


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