The winner of BAFTA 2013 'New Talent Award' for 'Best Original Music'
Martyn Bennet Prize 'Best Composition / Runner-Up'

I have spent what feels like every waking minute of my life pondering over the world of sound. I want to make it a vast and rich world without limits. As a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer I compose and record music to virtually any brief across TV, radio, film and the web and in styles ranging from solo violin to full orchestral and from atmospheric soundscapes to modern electronica. I've written big band funk for Mitsubishi, piano ensemble for Sony and anthemic pop songs for Lloyds Bank.

I have two critically acclaimed solo albums out there and a 3rd one unreleased:

'The work of a Renaissance master with his paintbrushes replaced by a guitar' (Maverick Magazine)

'One of Scotland's most gifted singer-songwriters as well as being an extraordinary composer and player with complete command of his craft…we have never failed to be impressed by the understated brilliance of everything he does' (Acoustic Edinburgh)

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